2024-02-21T22:28:15+01:00|Aluminium, Green, Neon, Sans Serif, Yellow|

general info
address: Lijnbaan / Kruiskade, Aert van Nesstraat, Rotterdam
architect: Van den Broek en Bakema (now BroekBakema)
sign: new neon box letters by Frijo, 2013
based on the original sign
drawn by Frans van Gool, 1953
original neon: Haaxman Neon, 1953
urbanism/architecture realised: 1953

letter details
features: horizontal diacritics on the IJ:))
capitals or romans: romans
cursive or upright: cursive
see also: Blijdorp Zoo sign by Sybold van Ravesteyn


2024-02-21T19:49:33+01:00|Neon, Paint, Sans Serif|

general info
address: Mauritsweg 34-35, 3012 JT R'dam
architect: J.J.P. Oud (original), C. Weeber (copy)
commission original building: City of R'dam
commission copy: City of R'dam, Lisman Inter Holding, Rotterdam Art Foundation (RKS)
realised: 1925 and 1986
design of the lettering: J.J.P. Oud
different signs: painted signs (balcony, doors), illuminated signs
original materials: paint on glass, on metal. Neon signs cast in messing
materials used by Carel Weeber: paint on metal, on wood and paint on acrylic plastic for the signs

letter details
category: sans serif
capitals or romans: only capitals
cursive or upright: upright only
contrast: no


2023-09-26T15:43:03+02:00|Neon, Paint, Sans Serif, Serif|

general info
address: Posthumalaan 1, 3072 AG Rotterdam
architect: Peter Wilson, Bolles+Wilson, Munster
commission: City of R'dam, OBR/Luxor/Rob Wiegman
realised: 25 April 2001
design of the LUXOR typefamily: Maurice Blok, and Rob Smith + Mart Hulspas (L5, Rotterdam)
different signs: painted sign, illuminated sign, interior signage
materials: paint, glass
techniques: painting, glass light boxes of 3 x 3 m.

letter details
category: sans serif except for the i and 1
narrow or wide: extremely wide or extremely narrow
monospaced letter
special: each letter can be rotated 90 degrees
weights: thin, bold, normal
capitals or romans: capitals
cursif or upright: upright only
closed counter spaces: never round


2023-09-26T15:44:56+02:00|Neon, Sans Serif|

general info,
address: Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC Rotterdam
architect: Brinkman & Van der Vlugt
client: De Erven de Wed. J. van Nelle
building patron: Kees van der Leeuw
design of the signs: Jacques Jongert
start construction: 1926
factory & office realised: July 1929
renovation into Van Nelle Design Factory: 1999-2006
architects: a.o.Wessel de Jonge architects, Claessens Erdmann architects & designers, Molenaar & Van Winden and developer/manager Kondor Wessels
river side: 4,5m and 2m high red neon signs on steel sheets, 1930
train track side: 4,5 m high red neon signs on steel letters, 1993

letter details
category: sans serif
capitals or romans: only capitals
cursive or upright: upright only
contrast: none


2024-02-21T19:47:56+01:00|Green, Mosaic, Neon, Script, Serif|

general info
address: Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam
architect: Sybold van Ravesteyn
commissioned by: Stichting Rotterdamse Diergaarde
realised: april 1941
design of the signs: Sybold van Ravesteyn
entrance sign, monograms on fences, windows and mozaïek pavement
materials: neon, forged iron, mosaic
details: X cm

letter details
category: neon. script, serif, mosaic
narrow or wide: normal
all strokes the same: yes
capitals or romans: capitals
bold or light: light
cursif or upright: cursif
similars: Restaurant Engels - Groothandelsgebouw


2024-02-21T19:53:36+01:00|Blue, Neon, Sans Serif|

general info
address: Stationsplein 2, Rotterdam
architect: Team CS
realised: 2014
design of the signs: Sybold van Ravesteyn (1957)
renovation of the lettering: Bas Neon, Leiden (2015)
materials: aluminium, plexi, led (neon in 1957)
commissioned by: Gemeente Rotterdam (NS, 1941-1957)
technique: illuminated sign
category: sans serif

letter details
details: 1,50m height/2,25m-2,35m width/48m total lenght
narrow or wide: more wide
all strokes the same: no, not at all!
capitals or romans: capitals
bold or light: bold
cursive or upright: upright
looks like: modern movement letters

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