2024-02-21T19:49:11+01:00|Egyptian, Wood|

general info
address: Coolsingel 105, Rotterdam
architect: Marcel Breuer
local architect: Abraham Elzas (De Bijenkorf and Hema Architect)
commission: De Bijenkorf
realised: 1955-1957
sign: Robert F. (Bob) Gatje
original materials: teak

letter details
categorie: slab serif or Egyptian
size of the letters: 60 cm high/ back lit
capitals or romans: capitals
cursive or upright: upright only


2024-02-21T19:53:36+01:00|Blue, Neon, Sans Serif|

general info
address: Stationsplein 2, Rotterdam
architect: Team CS
realised: 2014
design of the signs: Sybold van Ravesteyn (1957)
renovation of the lettering: Bas Neon, Leiden (2015)
materials: aluminium, plexi, led (neon in 1957)
commissioned by: Gemeente Rotterdam (NS, 1941-1957)
technique: illuminated sign
category: sans serif

letter details
details: 1,50m height/2,25m-2,35m width/48m total lenght
narrow or wide: more wide
all strokes the same: no, not at all!
capitals or romans: capitals
bold or light: bold
cursive or upright: upright
looks like: modern movement letters

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